b) Where a collective agreement is in effect for more than three years, a union that claims to have a good majority of workers in a unit suitable for collective bargaining may apply to be certified during the seventh and eighth month of the third year of the contract and, subsequently, during the seventh and eighth months of the collective agreement or a continuation of the unit. 53 (1) A collective agreement must include a provision that the creation of an advisory committee is necessary when a party requests in writing the opening of an agreement after the deadline for collective bargaining or after the parties open collective bargaining. 27.1 (1) Despite paragraph 27, paragraph 1, point c), the union may ask the board of directors that the collective agreement expire when a union is approved for a bargaining unit appropriate to the section 19 application and the duration of the collective agreement is two years or more, the union may apply to the board of directors for an order declaring the collective agreement expiry. 85 (1) If the Minister finds that part of the arbitration provision in a collective agreement, including the method of appointing the arbitration proceeding, is insufficient or that the section 84 provision, paragraph 3, point b), is relied upon as inadequate by both parties, the Minister may, at the request of one of the parties, amend the provision, as long as it is consistent with paragraphs 84 , paragraph 1 and 2. 2. The House may request and receive a report from a person appointed by a person appointed to review a motion or to review and resolve a dispute under this code or collective agreement, and, despite section 146, paragraph 3, the board is obligated to make it public to the parties. 2. Subject to paragraph 4, if a collective agreement is longer than one year, a contracting party may, at any time after the agreement enters into force, take an eight-month leave of absence from the Minister to inform the other party that the contract will be terminated on the occasion of the next anniversary. Job application: For trade and labour requirements under the GSS construction contract, AFDE Partnership negotiated an employment contract with the following unions: (2) If a union and employer have entered into a collective agreement outside of British Columbia, it is not valid in British Columbia until the majority of workers covered by the B.C. agreement ratify it. 57 (1) A worker bound by a collective agreement concluded before or after this code comes into force cannot strike for the duration of the collective agreement and no person may declare or authorize a strike of these workers during that period. 36 If collective bargaining with a business is governed by Canadian law and the business or part of it is sold, leased, transferred or otherwise divested and is subject to B.C. law, Section 35 applies and the purchaser, tenant or purchaser is bound by a collective agreement in force as of the date of the order.

3. An employer organization cannot act arbitrarily, discriminatoryly or in bad faith when it represents one of the employers in the appropriate group for collective bargaining. (a) order the determination of the monetary value of an injury or loss; the employer, union or other person was born out of a breach of a collective agreement and orders a person to pay all or part of the amount of that value, 2) An arbitration proceeding to pursue the purpose set out in the subsection (1) must take into account the actual substance of the facts at issue and the respective usefulness of the parties` positions under the 1999 collective agreement , point 1.3.1999, and with regard to employment and equal rights policy, the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, Justice and Social Affairs.