It`s hard to believe that Raj and Howard are the reason Sheldon and Amy („Shamy”) started dating. Who would have thought that an online dating site would have found two of the greatest brains of the Big Bang Theory generation? Although Sheldon denied it, Amy Farrah Fowler was his girlfriend for a long time (she was just a girl who was a friend…), everything changed when she went on a date with Stuart. After becoming a friend and official friend in „The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition,” it was time for the next step: the relationship contract. From the dress code to what to do in the event of an apocalypse, here are 10 things from Sheldon and the amy-relationship contract. Normally, that is how Sheldon explains that fraud is not allowed. Since humans and primates love monogamous relationships, according to research, Sheldon and Amy are linked to each other in the name of science and then publish a paper on it. The contract should be concluded some time before the wedding and it is certainly recommended no less than 28 days before. This in turn would eliminate the proposal to put pressure on the other. I don`t think so. Section 4, paragraph 12, of the roommate agreement expressly prohibits them from sharing the agreement with parties other than the parties involved, that is, Sheldon, Leonard and the naked invisible man who lives with them. We`ve probably all heard of a Nuptial Agreement, and it`s interesting to note that they`ve become an increasingly popular tool in which a couple wants to regulate their financial rules in case their relationship breaks down. The contract lasted about thirty pages and had to be signed by both parties. He explained everything that was considered acceptable and unacceptable by both, and what the consequences would be if they were broken.

And even though we don`t have all 30 pages, we have 10 of the best points of the shamy contract. The relationship agreement. A term that many of us have known since its introduction in the popular American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The relationship between two main characters, Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler „Shamy”, is strange and rigorously defined. The relationship agreement serves a comic purpose according to the unpleasant relationship between the two, as they plunge their toe into the world of dating. The ambitious idea of setting the boundaries of relationships gains popularity when another couple tries to solve problems in their relationship, they ask Sheldon to write them a relationship agreement tailored to their needs. The resulting document prohibits Leonard Hofstadter from playing video games in his underwear and prevents his wife Penny from saying that things are „fine” when they are not. However, according to their relationship agreement, when they attend meetings, they must monitor each other`s behaviour, „among their young and try to speak in their primitive languages” (also known as Penny).