If you are an employer, you have an extensive redundancy scheme, they should be able to calculate the amount you receive when you apply the scheme formula. If you are unsure if there is an extensive system, or if you think your employer has offered an improvement to other employees, but you are not, see if you can get some advice or information from the union on customs and severance practice. Ask yourself whether, given financial and non-financial considerations, the financial agreement is good enough to flood you until you get another job, especially if you receive outplacement assistance and an appropriate reference for employment under the transaction agreement. You can annoy your employer so much or fight so hard (and successfully) that you leave deep scars for people on the other side of the negotiation. It may not concern you, but if you prefer to leave on consensual terms, it might not be worth insisting on every last pound if you damage your relationship with your colleagues forever. To estimate your billing amount, you need to get your documents in order and collect all relevant documents. This should include: you can possibly negotiate a transaction amount for personal injury. In employment situations, psychological injuries, such as depression, etc., are the most common types of personal injury. If you have information about practices within the company such as fraud or misconduct, they will often want to pay you a lump sum in exchange for signing a confidentiality clause in a settlement agreement – the so-called „gag clause.” There are many reasons why an employer could offer a transaction contract. However, they are most frequently used in the following circumstances: The transaction contract should confirm the restrictive agreements with the employee`s contract to ensure that your business is protected. Your lawyer will check your employee`s contract and ensure that binding agreements are included in the settlement agreement. If a transaction contract is proposed because you have seriously violated a contract, your employee`s lawyer may report that the restrictive agreements have „disappeared”.” Reintroducing the agreements into the transaction agreement ensures that you have protection, especially if a small additional consideration (money) is provided for your employee when confirming his agreements after termination.

There are different categories of payments that you can expect. I`ve described below the most common payment methods you`ll probably find in your transaction agreement. There are some maximum bonuses granted by labour tribunals, for example. B for wrongful dismissal rights. Employers are not required to use the same payment caps, but they use them as guidelines when negotiating transaction agreements with workers.