This form is a listing agreement in which the seller gives the broker the right to place the property in the MLS and offer compensation to cooperating brokers. The Florida Supreme Court approved this form for use by non-lawyers who assist tenants who wish to terminate a tenancy agreement if the lessor does not meet the lease maintenance requirements or F.S. 83.51 (1) within seven days of the notice being sent. This form can be used to define rights and obligations between a broker and a sales agent/broker. This form can be used for transactions with which the seller and buyer hold assets of $1 million or more and want the broker to represent different sellers as individual agents. Purchase and sale contracts in Florida allow a seller and a buyer of residential or commercial real estate to be offered terms in a real estate transaction agreement. Single Agent Relationship (No. 475.278 (3)) – A real estate agent acting as a sole agent (representing the seller or buyer in a transaction) must complete this disclosure form. This rental form, approved by the Florida Supreme Court to be completed by non-lawyers, can be used for the rental of residential units in apartment buildings, mobile homes, condos and co-ops. Do not use this form for commercial, agricultural or other owners.

The contract to purchase and sell commercial real estate in Florida is used to clarify the details of a commercial real estate transaction between a seller and a buyer. In general, each party will have its own real estate agent and lawyer present when considering a purchase and sale contract. Commercial real estate sales are more complex than residential real estate transactions and often require more paperwork and rigorous inspections and research. A purchase and sale agreement for commercial real estate defines the terms of sale of the property in question, including the sale price, financing, insurance, securities and deeds, the condition of the real estate, termination options and completion date. Each purchase and sale contract is different, but the most negotiated part of the transaction is the purchase price. Then everything else becomes easier to manage and a contract can usually be concluded and signed. This form can be used for residential sale and purchase transactions and provides for dispute resolution. No Brokerage Relationship (No. 475.278 (4)) – A real estate agent who does not have a brokerage relationship with a seller or buyer must disclose his obligations by filling out this form. This form is a listing agreement for commercial real estate in which the seller gives the broker the exclusive right to sell the property. This is a listing agreement in which the seller authorizes the broker to sell the property and offer cooperation to other agents, but reserves the right to sell the property himself.

This form should be attached to the purchase and sale agreement if the property for sale is a co-operative.