POST-EBA TALKS DELAYED FOR A YEAR Part of the agreement with La Poste is an agreement between the Post Office and cepu to postpone eBA discussions by 13 months. (until August 9, 2021). This year or until the agreement and certification of a new EBA, there will be no salary increase. In the meantime, some delivery drivers will be fined 15%. USEFUL QUICK LINKS Forced ARL Fact Sheet Forced LSL Fact Sheet Telstra EBA Telstra EBA19 Teltra EBA19 Undertakings 2.1 While AP cannot guarantee that there will be no job losses due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, AP will not have permanent full-time or part-time workers. Unwittingly dismissed (in certain circumstances) 2.2 Before AP inadvertently dismisses a affected staff member in point 2.1 (b) of this agreement, the competent Secretary of State of the CEPU. will meet first and discuss the circumstances of the employee POST – SOME INTERESTING NUMBERS During the consultation of 1% bonus, the post also advised: ACMA EBA Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement with the Communications Authority of Australia (ACMA) will begin in the next 2 weeks. Would members contact me for your opinion? Please note that the Australia Post Whistleblower Portal is accessible only via a personal (non-Australian) smartphone or laptop. This ensures complete anonymity when developing a report. Interesting things happen every day at the Australia Post, as we work together to help our employees, customers and communities build a better future.

Find out what happened around our diverse network. For more information on reporting whistleblowers, please see this fact sheet. The Victorian branch of the CWU has elected its post office officials directly by Victorian members every four years and all postal officials are directly out of work and are experienced in the treatment of all sectors of the Australia Post. We pride ourselves on our reputation for representing members without fear of favour and not leaving one stone on the other when we ask questions about members. Don`t have access? Visit Help and Support to connect. For more information, check out Australia`s rates. Minimum Wage Decision The fair work commission increased the minimum wage by 3% compared to the first full salary period after July 1, 2019. Please refer to the new Road Transport Distribution Award – Link to brochure. Workers in the most common classification -Transport Worker Grade 2 should receive $21.17 per hour or $26.46 per hour for the 25% casual charge.